Xiaomi's heated cup gets wireless charging

In the family of smart devices from Xiaomi engineersAnother innovative gadget appeared, designed to facilitate the life of a modern person. A smart cup with automatic heating and wireless charging allows you to always have a drink warmed up to a comfortable temperature.

The design and properties of the Xiaomi cup are outwardly nothingdiffer from the traditional ceramic container available in every family. The durable, waterproof ceramic cup can be washed like ordinary kitchen appliances.

To heat the cup, it is enough to place it on a wireless charge, activating the electronics "hidden" inside the case. In operating mode, the cup provides heating of the liquid to + 55 ° C.

The heating function is designed to protect users from burns. The cup also automatically goes into sleep mode and stops heating after 4 hours of inactivity.

It is noteworthy that the wireless charging of the cup,10 watts can recharge smartphones Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple and Samsung that support wireless charging. Xiaomi smart cup price is $ 26.

Source: gizmochina