Xiaomi Wireless Charger External Battery

Xiaomi engineers currently introducedconsumers a huge number of different modifications of external batteries, among which there are many original models using innovative technologies. One of the latest developments of the company was the powerbank Xiaomi Wireless Charging Power Bank Lite with a capacity of 10,000 mAh with support for wireless charging technology. The price of the new device is about 1200 rubles.

Battery can use as wireless10 W charging method, as well as traditional wired fast charging with 18 W power of Qi standard. An interesting feature of the device is the ability to simultaneously charge two gadgets: one through wires, the second using wireless technology. Xiaomi Wireless Charging capacities are enough to fully charge the iPhone XS Max 2.5 times, and Xiaomi Mi 9 - 2 times.

The design of the new external battery remains unchanged,in the spirit of similar Xiaomi devices. The case is made of black or white plastic. The thickness of Xiaomi Wireless Charging has decreased by 1.8 mm compared to traditional devices, and the weight is 230 grams. Charging the device itself is carried out via the USB-C connector and it will take about 4 hours.

External battery supports 9 optionsensuring the safety of the device. For example, FOD support avoids overheating of the battery in case of falling into the range of wireless charging of metal objects (coins or keys).

Source: gizchina