Xiaomi will release a smartphone with a periscope camera (3 photos)

One of the main characteristics of modernSmartphones that attract customers, is a high-quality camera. Developers are constantly improving the capabilities of optics and offer original solutions. Xiaomi engineers have received a patent for innovative camera technology.

The patent application was filed last year, butapproval received just now. From the description of the invention, we can make an assumption about the cameras that Xiaomi will install in new models of smartphones. The new module has an auxiliary lens, which is located perpendicular to the main camera. This arrangement allows you to achieve different degrees of magnification without changing the dimensions of the main camera.

Patented technology allows you to saveimage quality at different magnifications, as well as optical stabilization. Similar technologies are already being used in competing manufacturers' smartphones - Huawei P30 and Oppo Reno 10x. The focal length of the new cameras is in the range of 125-135 mm. The first smartphone in which there will be a new camera, most likely, will be Mi Mix 4.