Xiaomi will be the first to place a fingerprint scanner under the LCD screen (4 photos)

China is actively working towardsNew innovative technologies for mobile devices. More recently, the placement of a scanner to identify a user by fingerprints was available only for OLED screens, however, thanks to the series of inventions of the Chinese company Fortsense, fingerprint sensors can also be placed under the LCD display. One of the first technology plan to introduce in the company Xiaomi.

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According to the company Xiaomi, the firstsmartphones with a fingerprint scanner under the LCD screen will appear no earlier than the end of the current one or early next year. The cost of this model will be about $ 300.

Fortsense has now receivedover 160 patents for the introduction of technology that allows you to install a scanner under the LCD screen. Developers have successfully eliminated such bottlenecks as the effects of the reflection of the image of fingerprints, it became possible due to the continuous adjustment and improvement of the LCD backlight system. Fortsense uses an algorithm that provides fast fingerprint recognition under the LCD screen using the latest optimized neural networks. How much the new method will be reliable, time will tell.