Xiaomi Uleemark backpack bag (3 photos)

In the assortment of Xiaomi, ona crowdfunding platform has a multifunctional jacket of the brand Uleemark, designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Convenient and roomy with many pockets for storing trifles useful in the campaign, they encouraged the developers themselves to call the product a backpack, worn on the body.

Men's multi-function travel jacketULEEMARK for storage is equipped with twelve compartments for storing various devices, such as glasses, a headphone case, a mobile phone, a hidden large pocket, a card pocket, a pocket for an autonomous power source. Some pockets are used for hidden storage. The jacket even provides a sufficiently large compartment for the tablet.

The jacket itself will protect the traveler from moisture andcold with special foil material. The inner surface of the jacket is made of heat-reflecting material that creates the effect of a thermos. For the safety of tourists traveling at night on the roadway on the jacket, reflective stripes are provided.

For a comfortable stay in the most extreme conditions, manufacturers added 4 U-shaped pillows for the neck and a blindfold to the jacket. The Uleemark jacket is already on sale for $ 55.