Xiaomi smart scarf will provide additional heating (2 photos)

Smart things penetrate into all spheres of human life. Xiaomi has decided to introduce smart things into the wardrobe of users and proposed an original smart scarf.

Currently, the Chinese company has issuedA patent application for an unusual smart product - a smart scarf that creates comfort in any, even the most windy weather. Now the owners of a smart scarf are spared the need to constantly adjust or tighten the scarf, he will determine the necessary fit to the user's neck, and determine the need for additional heating in especially cold weather.

Patent entitled “Smart scarf and method thereofcontrol "contains a technical description of a textile gadget. Temperature sensors, infrared heaters and a control center for the tightness of the fit of the scarf to the user's neck are built into the fabric base of the scarf. It is noteworthy that the design of the scarf from Xiaomi is indistinguishable from traditional products.

Smart scarf management is carried out throughSmartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The application in the smartphone will allow the owner to adjust the heating temperature and the strength of the scarf. Currently, there is only a patent for the product and the date of the appearance of smart scarves has not been announced. Given the approaching autumn, we can expect that Chinese craftsmen will have time to release a smart scarf for the first cold weather.