Xiaomi smart door lock recognizes faces using AI (2 photos + video)

Xiaomi Smart Locks with Unlockthrough a mobile application and fingerprint have long become a product in high demand, as they are reliable and easy to use. But Xiaomi in its development went even further, and in the new model Xiaoyan face recognition smart lock R5 uses another modern method of biometric unlocking - a face recognition system based on artificial intelligence.

The main feature of this model is the availabilityspecial camera system for 3D face scanning. Using 3D Sense ID artificial intelligence technology that does not allow you to fool the lock with a photograph, video, or even a three-dimensional model, the manufacturer guarantees a high degree of product safety. The smart lock works with the declared speed of 0.6 seconds, the probability of an error in the recognition process is only 0.0001%.

Wide viewing angle in device designallows the castle to see the faces of people with height from 1.3 to 2 meters, and an infrared sensor provides recognition of a person’s face even in complete darkness, and the response speed is not reduced. The device works in conjunction with the smart home system from Xiaomi and controls it through a proprietary mobile application, so such a lock can be opened and closed from a smartphone. There is also a function to notify the owner of an attempted hack.

In China, a novelty - the Xiaoyan face recognition smart lock R5 - is sold for $ 360.