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Xiaomi smart collar protects against neck and back pain

The development of digital technologies beyond the undisputeda number of problems that relate to human health and well-being also have advantages. These are primarily problems with posture and back pain in computer users, mainly caused by a sedentary lifestyle. In particular, the cervical spine suffers. The situation is aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic, which is forcing people to switch to a remote form of work from home, which also leads to a decrease in physical activity.

Xiaomi decided to rectify the situation andintroduces a new product called HiPee Smart Health Neck Ring to its own crowdfunding platform Youpin. The new device, made in the form of a ring attached to the neck, monitors the user's posture around the clock in real time, thereby relieving him of neck and back pain problems.

The HiPee Smart Health Neck Bracelet usesan artificial intelligence algorithm that detects changes in posture from front, back, left and right 360 degrees. "Smart collar" warns the user in the event that he unconsciously bends over and assumes the wrong posture while working with a computer, tablet or smartphone. In this case, the bracelet starts to vibrate and the person changes position.

HiPee Smart Health also hassomatosensory games that allow you to exercise while playing. A high-precision motion sensor detects body position, direction and angle of curvature of the spine and associates these poses with the gameplay.

The device can connect via Bluetooth tothe WeChat application and record the number of wrong positions per day and the total time spent in the wrong position. In the first phase of its crowdfunding campaign, HiPee Smart Health will sell for $ 31 with a retail price of $ 47.