Xiaomi showed its concept of a folding smartphone

One of the founders and president of XiaomiMr. Lin Bin demonstrated a prototype of a bendable smartphone developed by the company. He did it somehow very modestly, at home - putting a video in Weibo in which he turns this device in his hands.

The beginning is quite traditional - a small tablet with3: 4 aspect ratio or so. Then, with a flick of the wrist ... Ah, no, both hands — the device, unlike those already presented (Royole FlexPai) or previously announced (a smartphone with a Samsung Ifinity Flex display), has two fold seats.

How is such a design better than the more traditionalwhere the device is like a book is hard to say. Looks cooler - yes. Since this is still only a concept, all this has yet to be invented. You can also fantasize for us: for example, it will be possible to bend only one quarter of the screen, use it as a stand, and leave the working for yourself 3/4 of the screen surface.

So far, the smartphone is known only that its creators are thinking about the best name option - Xiaomi Dual Flex or Xiaomi MIX Flex.

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Tatyana Kobelskaya