Xiaomi released a portable wireless ECG apparatus (5 photos)

Cardiovascular disease currentlyaffect more and more young people, spreading widely due to a sedentary lifestyle, deteriorating ecology and malnutrition. Constant monitoring of heart rate indicators will help to avoid serious problems and even save a person’s life. The developers from Xiaomi, who introduced the Hipee WeCardio device, decided to solve the problem of creating a compact and inexpensive ECG device.

Lightweight, weighing only 33 grams, outwardly similar toa thin plate, the device works without wires and does not require a special place for storage - the device can be carried simply in your pocket. Using Hipee WeCardio allows you to control your heart rate and take an electrocardiogram 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The device is paired with a smartphone, onwhich you want to install a special application. The connection between the pocket cardiograph and the smartphone is via Bluetooth. To obtain data, the device simply needs to be clamped between the index and middle fingers of both hands.

Then for 30 seconds the applicationprepares a health report, which can be automatically sent to both the hospital and the user's relatives. Thus, it is possible to increase control over the health status of people at risk for heart disease and provide them with timely treatment. The cost of the Xiaomi Hipee WeCardio device is 84.49 dollars.