Xiaomi refrigerators for the price of a smartphone (8 photos)

Xiaomi developers continue to expandAn assortment of smart items at surprisingly comfortable consumer prices. In China, the Mijia sub-brand has announced a range of refrigerators, the price of which starts at $ 141.

In the model line of refrigerators from MijiaFour refrigerators are presented with a useful volume from 160 to 486 liters. Shelves are made of tempered glass, and storage areas are illuminated by LED lights. Provides protection against voltage surges in the network.

In all models except the youngestan air cooling system has been installed that eliminates the formation of ice, which eliminates the need for periodic defrosting of the refrigerator. When working, Xiaomi devices emit minimal noise within 39 decibels.
The younger model worth $ 141 has a volume160 liters, distributed between the refrigerator - 100 liters and the freezer - 60 liters. The overall dimensions of the refrigerator are 474 x 535 x 1496 mm.

The next model is a three-chamber with a total volume of 210liters: the volume of the refrigerator compartment is 116 liters, the freezer volume is 62 liters, the “freshness zone” is 32 liters. The refrigerator is priced at $ 225 and measures 554 x 630 x 1717 mm.

The 483 liter pre-top model has twodoors and two compartments: the volume of the refrigerator compartment - 273 liters, the freezer - 210 liters. The cost of the device is 282 dollars, and the dimensions: 833 x 650 x 1810 mm. The top model of the Xiaomi refrigerator is equipped with 4 doors and has a volume of 486 liters: the volume of the refrigerator compartment is 305 liters, the freezer volume is 181 liters. The refrigerator is estimated at 423 dollars and has dimensions of 833 x 678 x 1860 mm.

The last two senior models of the refrigeratorequipped with an inverter compressor and equipped with a monitor on the door, which displays information about the temperature in various compartments. The owner can adjust the temperature directly from the display. In the top model, control is available through the Mijia mobile application, as well as using the Xiao AI voice assistant, which is built into the refrigerator.

The official presentation will be held on October 15th. All Xiaomi refrigerators receive a three-year warranty.