Xiaomi Redmi AirDots - wireless headphones for $ 15 (5 photos)

As part of the new sub-brand Redmi, Xiaomipresented only the budget smartphone Redmi 7 for $ 105, but also the new wireless headphones Redmi AirDots. It is curious that this headset is very similar to the Mi AirDots model released last year by the manufacturer. True, the novelty is twice cheaper.

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Redmi AirDots work on a Realtek 8763 chip,have 7.2-millimeter emitters and a system of intelligent noise reduction DSP, as well as technology that transmits sound via Bluetooth 5.0. Weigh a little headphones - 4.1 grams each. They are convenient for long-term use. Mate with a smartphone when they are taken out of the case. By the way, the case itself with a 300 mAh battery allows you to charge them up to 3 times. In total, autonomous operation is ensured for 12 hours.

Curiously, Mi AirDots has control buttonssensory, and Redmi AirDots - physical and multifunctional. Clicking on them once or twice, you can, respectively, switch tracks or launch personal assistant Xiao AI. If you put the headphones back into the supplied case, they will turn off automatically. In addition, there is an energy saving system that turns off Redmi AirDots in the absence of a connection with a smartphone for more than 5 minutes.

Sell ​​new in China will start from April 9for about $ 15 at the current rate. The kit Redmi AirDots includes: case, a pair of headphones in-channel type in black and interchangeable silicone caps in several sizes.