Xiaomi Qin F30 is a kosher (in the truest sense of the word) semi-smartphone

Call what you are reading now newsdifficult. It's just that I accidentally stumbled upon a reviewer of the Xiaomi Qin F30 device on YouTube (in English). Began to understand. Slightly surprised. And I decided to share what I found with you.

About kashrut, I suspect, almost everyone has heard. Do not eat hares, pigs and squids, separate meat from dairy, etc.

About five (or ten) years ago for me it becamediscovery of the existence of kosher wines. Just stumbled upon an Israeli bottle at the Crossroads. We drank, after which we began to figure out what we drank (it was delicious).

Well, today I learned about the existence of kosherphones. An interesting note about them can be found on levik's blog. But it describes a very strictly limited option. You can only make phone calls there. It is impossible not only to use the Internet, but also to take pictures, and even send SMS messages.

Well, now about Xiaomi Qin F30.The first mention of this device dates back to September of this year. Apparently, the F30 is an American copy of the Qin F21 Pro, announced a year ago and sold exclusively in China. American LTE frequencies plus full localization. Otherwise, we still have the same curious semi-smartphone on Android with a physical keyboard.

Briefly about the characteristics

  • The screen is touch sensitive and very compact. Diagonal 2.8″ (24 cm²), resolution 480×640 (286 ppi).
  • The Helio A22 chipset is at best a hundred thousand points in AnTuTu.
  • Memory. The “Chinese” had varieties of 3 + 32 and 4 + 64 GB. The F30 definitely has a 4+64 GB version. Whether there is a younger one is not clear. Memory cards are not supported.
  • Cameras are single. Front camera 2 MP. Rear - 5 MP.
  • There is support for LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Type-C, GPS.
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Well, that is, we have a really full-fledged smartphone. Weak, of course. But a smartphone. With buttons.

And now the most interesting.Qin F30 will be sold in America in two varieties. In kosher and full. (More precisely, it is already on sale in kosher, some $279.99 (₽17200) - and it is yours. And the non-kosher version should appear on sale one of these days - in November).

The kosher version is severely restricted, but not like thattough, like what is described in the note from levik. No software can be installed. But Gmail, Uber and Waze are already preinstalled (such navigation). Well, at least there is no e-mail ban here. But at the same time, there is not only a browser, but even a music player. And there is no need to talk about messengers and toys.

As for the full version, then there you are freeinstall whatever your heart desires. (In the video, the author uses a third-party app store. But in the comments he clarifies that you can also install the usual Google Play).

Well, as for the device itself, I recommend at least diagonally, but look at the reviewer. Straight nostalgia for the soul took. So small, so pretty!

Key Features of Xiaomi Qin F30:

ScreenS-IPS, 2.8″, 24 cm², 480 × 640, 286 ppi, touch, capacitive, multi-touch
IronMediaTek Helio A22
4 x Cortex-A53, PowerVR GE8320
Memory RAM 3-4 GB, ROM 32-64 GB, no memory card
Mobile Internet LTE
Mobile networksLTE Bands 2,4,12,13,17,66,71
Battery Li-Ion, 2120 mAh, charging 7.50 W
Dimensions131.7 x 53.5 x 9.5 mm
Weight100 g
Rear camera: 5 MP, flash, autofocus
front camera: 2 MP, no flash, no autofocus
Navigation GPS
OSAndroid 11
USBType-C v2.0

George Kiselyov