Xiaomi presented a Delmar vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean everything, even spilled water (5 photos + video)

Xiaomi company continues to delight theiradmirers novelties. This time she released a new Delmar vacuum cleaner. No, it is not endowed with “smart” functions, it cannot be connected to a smartphone, but the operations that it performs will surprise many people who are passionate about modern technology.

Model Delmar TJ200 able to cope withwith the most inconvenient dirt and debris in the apartment, which on some occasion violated order in it: either the pot with a flower fell and the earth crumbled, or some liquid was spilled, or the glass was broken.

To eliminate each type of contamination in the houseVacuum cleaner provides different types of nozzles that are attached to a telescopic tube or to the output hose, depending on the type of cleaning. Spilled water is sucked in if you switch the filter by pressing a special pedal.

The filling of the dust collector, the volume of which is designed for 6 liters of dry garbage and 3.5 liters of liquid, will be signaled by a special indicator. The drive is easily removed and freed from debris.

Vacuum cleaner Delmar TJ200 according to your desire canto function as a hairdryer, which will allow you to drain the surface after collecting spilled water, as well as perform other work on the drying of things or your pet's wool after bathing or rain.

Specifications vacuum cleaner Delmar TJ200 are as follows:
• rated power 1 200 W;
• suction power 18 kPa;
• availability of replaceable HEPA-filter;
• the presence of a filter engine compartment.

The preliminary price of a vacuum cleaner is 399 yuan (approximately 3,700 rubles). Start of sales is scheduled for July 30, in the future they plan to sell the new product on AliExpress and other online stores.