Xiaomi patented smart glasses to heal headaches, fight depression and fatigue

Xiaomi company, which has an unofficial nameChinese Apple, due to the constant copying of technologies and designs of the American high-tech giant, is gradually changing this perception of its company, bringing to the market more and more progressive innovative products created as a result of its own research and development.

Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Softwarerecently received a patent for a "smart glasses and glasses case" capable of not only performing basic functions, but also treating the user. The glasses are designed to emit phototherapy signals in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, as well as laser beams. In addition, it is supposed to emit waves in the sound range to cure brain diseases, relieve mental stress, fight fatigue and depression.

Magnetic and electrical waves are beneficialaffect blood circulation in the brain. Mental illnesses can be effectively treated with sound waves, and therefore glasses must have a speaker or other sound transmission technology. As of today, it is not known when and whether Xiaomi will release glasses with therapeutic functions at all.