Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha - a prototype smartphone with a screen that occupies almost the entire body (16 photos)

Smartphone developers go to varioustechnical tricks to increase the useful area of ​​the screen. Xiaomi engineers demonstrated an original solution in the prototype smartphone Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, in which the display envelops the body and covers an area equal to 180.6% of the front surface.

Structurally, the screen of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha smoothlypasses from both ends of the device to the rear surface, occupying almost 80% of its area. The side edges also respond to touch and are used to replace the usual buttons. Free from the screen remains a narrow strip on the back of the device. There is no front camera - the user can take a selfie using the main camera, controlling the shooting on the part of the monitor located on the rear surface.

The main camera is implemented using 108 megapixels1 / 1.33 inch sensor (12032 × 9024), the most powerful in the world. The camera is equipped with optical stabilization and received two auxiliary sensors: 20 megapixel ultra-wide angle and 12 megapixel telephoto lens to provide 2x zoom.

The hardware runs on the flagship chipSnapdragon 855 Plus. 512 GB of internal flash memory and 12 GB of RAM. The smartphone supports 5G networks. Sound is broadcast not through the usual speaker, but directly through the surface of the screen.

Autonomous operation is provided by a 4050 mAh battery with 40 W fast charging technology. The case is made of heavy-duty but lightweight titanium, and the rear strip is made of ceramic.

During the presentation was demonstrateda real smartphone, which confirms Xiaomi's intentions to send a new product to the series. The developers announced plans to begin selling in December, at an estimated price of $ 2,815.