Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Tracker May Get Google Pay NFC Module

The growing popularity of fitness trackers, as well asthe development of a contactless payment system using the NFC module can lead to the integration of these technologies in the next Xiaomi Mi Band 5 model. The release of the previous Mi Band 4 model caused a stir in the market when the first million trackers were sold in the first 8 days of sales.

Pending the development of a line of popular devicesan insider is presented with important, but not yet confirmed information about the technical parameters of the future favorite in the market of fitness bracelets. According to unverified information, the Mi Band 5 will be equipped with a 1.2-inch display, which is almost 25% more than the previous model. The image contrast will also increase, which will facilitate the work with the tracker in high light conditions.

The design and even the shape of the Mi Band 5 case is notIt is disclosed, however, there is evidence that with an increase in the diagonal, Xiaomi engineers were able to achieve a reduction in the mass of the device. The good news for users will be the use of the NFC module in the global version of the fitness tracker and support for Google Pay, and other contactless payment platforms. The launch of the Mi Band 5 model is planned for the second quarter of 2020, and the expected price will be only $ 26.

Source: gizchina