Xiaomi Mi Air Charge wireless charger works at a distance of several meters and with multiple devices at the same time

The number of mobile devices and smart things,working on autonomous energy sources is constantly growing. All of them require periodic recharging of the battery, which leads to the appearance of a huge number of wires in the room and requires the installation of additional sockets or extension cords. However, it looks like the problem has been resolved. The high-tech Chinese company Xiaomi has introduced the revolutionary Mi Air Charge Technology, which allows you to charge multiple devices at a distance of several meters. Xiaomi engineers have announced the entry of humanity into a "new era of wireless charging."

Mi Air Charge Technology is based onspatial positioning of the device and transmission of energy to it using a directional beam. Today Xiaomi announces 5W charging of several smartphones, but in the near future the technology will become available for smartwatches and fitness bracelets, and then for all smart things, freeing our apartments from charging stations and cables.

Mi Air Customized Remote ChargerCharge Technology has five built-in phased array antennas to track the device in space. Then an array of 144 antennas forms and emits a millimeter-wave beam directed to the smartphone.

In turn, the smartphone is installedminiature antenna array with "built-in beacon" and "receiving antenna array". The first low-power beacon antenna allows precise spatial positioning, while a 14-antenna receiving array converts the millimeter-wave signal emitted from the charging station into electricity. Each of the mobile devices that fall within the coverage area of ​​the charging station will receive 5W wireless charging.

Currently, Xiaomi has only announcedabout creating a technology that can cleanse our home of numerous cables and storage devices, making our devices completely wireless. However, a clear date for the start of production and the estimated cost of such stations have not yet been announced. Xiaomi representatives only said that the presentation of the first truly wireless charging systems will not take place this year.

Source: theverge