Xiaomi Mi Air 2 True wireless headphones are three times cheaper than Apple AirPods

Xiaomi has made a serious attemptconquering part of the market in another segment of mobile gadgets. And, as usual, the main argument of the Chinese giant is the price. The new Mi Air 2 True Wireless Earphones, which integrate the latest technology, will cost the consumer almost three times cheaper than analogues from the main rivals Apple and Huawei.

The external design of the novelty correspondstraditional look - Mi Air 2 will be delivered in white color. The headphones use noise reduction technology, support for the LHDC codec (Low-Delay HD Audio Codec), which provides audio broadcast via Bluetooth 5.0.

Touch control. The quick pairing function is supported: immediately after opening the case with the headphones, they independently connect to the smartphone. The autonomous operation of the headphones themselves is designed for 4 hours, but the use of the case will extend the work up to 14 hours. The USB-C connector is installed in the case itself and support for fast charging technology is provided.

The price of the new Mi Air 2 True Wireless Earphones is only $ 58 and you can already pre-order it with headphones.

Source: MI