Xiaomi laser projector with game mode (4 photos)

Xiaomi engineers in partnership with developers fromFengmi Technology has previously entered the market with laser players. Now on the crowdfunding platform Xiaomi introduced a new relatively affordable compact projector with an image optimization function, high brightness indicators and supporting a special mode for gamers that provides minimal delay during the gameplay.

The projector uses innovative technologyFAV (Feng AdvancedVideo), which provides improved image quality in several ways: brightness, color reproduction, sharpness, skin tones and HDR. In the mode, 85% of the NTSC color range is displayed, and the brightness of 1,500 lumens is 150% higher than the standard brightness for projectors.

Fengmi developers have proposedsharpening technology by optimizing the boundaries of objects, which increases the level of detail. The existing HDMI connector provides high-speed data transfer, which, together with the game mode, provides a delay of no more than 40 milliseconds, which is 50% lower than previous versions.

Reduced projection ratio to 1.1to 1, provides the ability to receive large images from a short distance. So, to obtain an image with a diagonal of 2.5 meters, the distance from the projector to the surface onto which it is projected is only 2.75 m.

The hardware of the projector runs on a processorT972 with a frequency of 1.8 GHz, which consumes energy 55% less than the previous generation, and is also able to decode 8K video. The projector uses the MIUI TV interface, which supports Smart Patchwall, already used in Xiaomi TVs. Projected Image Resolution: 1080p. The cost of the projector on the Xiaomi site is $ 523.

Source: gizchina