Xiaomi is preparing a reader with E-Ink screen

What kind of devices did the company notXiaomi under its own name: from fitness bracelets to electric bicycles. There are Xiaomi backpacks and even an intelligent trash can with this name. There are no e-book readers only.

No, they will. According to Chinese sources, the company can present its first reader with an E-Ink screen as early as next week. It’s not a fact that Xiaomi was engaged in the development of the device itself, it’s possible that the product of a third-party company will be used and presented with a name that has become world-famous - for Xiaomi this will not be the first such experience. In any case, the reader must clearly have a basic quality - an attractive price-to-performance ratio, characteristic of the Mi-technique. So, it will be a very interesting proposal. There are a lot of good readers, only with cheap ones in their ranks.

Not the fact that attached to the publicationThe image is a real rendering device. There is no official mention of such a product yet. However, Xiaomi electric books are really not enough, so I really want to believe that the rumors are true.


Tatyana Kobelskaya