Xiaomi introduced a smart light panel that reacts to ambient sounds (3 photos + video)

On the eve of the New Year, Xiaomi displaysto the market an original device capable of giving a solemn and individual look to any room. New device - Huizuo Smart Light Panel Wall Lamp is presented on Youpin's proprietary crowdfunding platform.

The lightbar is triangular andable to integrate with other panels, making panels of various shapes. The Huizuo Smart Light panel is mounted on a vertical wall surface and is capable of responding with a color change to ambient sounds. The device operates in a range of 16 million colors, and is also voice-responsive and integrates with Xiaomi's smart home system.

Huizuo Smart Light Panels are currently available on the Youpin platform for $ 15 apiece, with a 12-panel set being offered for $ 177.