Xiaomi introduced a portable cordless vacuum cleaner for $ 75 (3 photos)

Xiaomi's smart things ecosystem inonce again receives a new device that improves user comfort when servicing home. This time, engineers have created a compact, lightweight and inexpensive stand-alone vacuum cleaner Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Lite, which allows you to quickly clean rooms using a set of special brushes.

Cordless vacuum cleaner base unit weight 1.2kg, has a built-in brushless electric motor and battery, which provide up to 45 minutes of battery life in standard mode. This time is enough to perform high-quality cleaning in an apartment with an average area.

When working with an extended tube andWith brush attachments, the maximum weight of the Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Lite device can reach 2.3 kg. The attachments allow you to thoroughly clean vertical and horizontal surfaces, and the soft bristle of the brushes collects dust from the smallest crevices.

Perfect purity is also guaranteed by highsuction power of the device, reaching 17 thousand Pa. The vacuum cleaner works in normal and turbo modes. The use of a standard filtration system using a HEPA filter allows you to keep up to 99.97% of the collected dust inside the vacuum cleaner. The battery allows the vacuum cleaner to work for about 45 minutes in normal mode and up to 13 minutes in turbo mode. The Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Lite is already on sale in China for $ 75.

Source: igeekphone