Xiaomi introduced a device for cleaning optics and jewelry (2 photos)

Xiaomi engineers continue to amaze fanscompanies with various functional devices. A fundraising project has been launched on its own crowdfunding platform for the launch of the innovative Xiaomi EraClean gadget that cleans the surface using ultrasonic vibrations.

The main task of the new device fromXiaomi developers - is the cleaning of the surface of glasses and jewelry from greasy marks, fingerprints and complex dirt using ultrasound. At the same time, unpleasant odors are also eliminated during cleaning.

Xiaomi EraClean device when excitedoscillations with a frequency of 45000 Hz form air bubbles in the liquid, up to 500 microns in size, which "explode" under the influence of sound pressure. In this case, a shock pressure of up to 1000 atmospheres occurs in the liquid surrounding the surface to be cleaned, which leads to the cleaning of smooth surfaces from grease, dirt and even bacteria.

The size of the working capacity is 158 x 68.5 x 38.5 mm, whichallows you to clean small jewelry or glasses. The power consumption of the device is only 15 watts. Weight - 345 grams. The pre-order price on the Xiaomi site will be only $ 14. Currently, over 600 thousand dollars have already been raised for the production of Xiaomi EraClean.

Source: gizchina