Xiaomi Graphene Smart Heating Down Vest Heated Waistcoat

Xiaomi developers began active preparations for the winter cold with the release of the original Graphene Smart Heating Down Vest vest, which is presented on Youpin's signature crowdfunding site.

It is planned to supply both female and malevest model, in two colors: black and gray. Natural material for warming clothes is natural goose down. The forced heating system has a thermostat that can set a fixed temperature in the range from 38 to 53 degrees Celsius.

As a heating control systema special button is used, equipped with a visualization system of various temperature levels. So the maximum value of 53 degrees is indicated by a bright red LED ring on the button. The temperature gradation is set with an interval of 5 degrees and received 4 levels of heating.

To power the jacket you need an ordinary externalbattery connected via USB connector. According to the developers, a 10 mAh battery is enough for 14 hours of heating elements.

Graphene Smart Heating Down Vest can be pre-ordered at Youpin for $ 40; after the start of the sale, the retail price will increase to $ 45.

Source: xiaomiyoupin