Xiaomi from now on sells its gadgets through vending machines (4 photos)

Every company engaged in productionsmartphones, in its own way, develops its own dealer network, placing special demands on sales volumes or the size of sales area and staff qualifications. The original solution was found by Xiaomi, which installed the first vending machines in India, where you can buy not only accessories, but also smartphones themselves.

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Vending machines, called Mi Express Kiosk, areAccording to one of the leaders of Xiaomi, are "innovation №1 from brand №1". Users can purchase smartphones using cash, bank cards or use the local payment system UPI (UnionPay International). Mi Express limited hours from 10 am to 8 pm At the same time, there is always a sales consultant nearby who is ready to provide all possible assistance to the buyer. Although the kiosk has a large display to display detailed information about the product.

The introduction of Mi Express Kiosk will allow the companyXiaomi get away from intermediaries, reduce the cost of paying for the premises and training staff. All this will lead to a decrease in the price of smartphones and, as a result, increase their competitiveness. About installing Mi Express in other countries is not reported.