Xiaomi Folding Renders

In January, the public was shown videos ofprototype folding smartphone company Xiaomi. The device turned out to be noticeably different about what was expected from Samsung and Huawei. The smartphone has two fold places.

Now there are renders - unofficial, butmade based on that same movie. Also published quite an official statement from the company Xiaomi, in any way about the difficult task of developing such solutions.

The statement does not offer anyinformation about the timing of the release of the finished device, in plain text confirms - yes, the smartphone is developing twice a time, for which partners are involved. Already decided on the design of the device, the design of the fold points, the MIUI interface has been adapted to the specifics of the device.

So what a strange device is clearly to be. I only wonder where the camera is pushed?


Tatyana Kobelskaya