Xiaomi Floor Standing AC C1 - floor air conditioning for $ 445 (5 photos)

Such a modern device as air conditioning,it is not necessary to be immobile and take a place strictly occupied by him. Xiaomi introduced Floor Standing AC C1 with a vertical vertical design of a cylindrical design.

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You do not need to hang a novelty on the wall, you canset on the floor in the right place of the room, but if necessary, always move a little. Air conditioning, designed for rooms with an area of ​​20-32 m², received 2 cooling systems with a total power of 5,100 W and 1 heating system with a capacity of 5,650 W. The design of the blades allows air supply in all directions with a range of up to 8 m. To control the device, you can use either the remote control or the special Mi Home application installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Now Xiaomi Floor Standing AC C1 can be ordered only through the official website of the company for $ 445. Later the price will grow to $ 521.

Source: Xiaomi