Xiaomi fans get to know the “rag” robot for $ 184 (4 photos + video)

At the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding venue, the Smart Wiping Machine SWDC ZDG300 is displayed - a robot polisher the size of a smart vacuum cleaner that can wipe floors even with very severe dirt.

Special scanning system and wide-angle135 degrees camera allows the robot to move around the premises, avoiding all obstacles. At the same time, as you study the room, he makes a map of the space. Special sensors help determine the steps so that the robot moves safely along the stairs, doing the cleaning there, and does not fall from it.

How is the process of removing contaminantsrobot polisher? On the bottom surface of the machine are fixed two panels with jaws that perform translational movements. The task of the first (soft) sponge is to moisten the contaminated surface, while the second (hard) sponge wipes the dirt soaked with the first sponge on the floor.

Four nozzles on the first sponge take water fromspecial tank with a volume of 0.24 liters, evenly distributing it over the body of the sponge. This happens only when the robot is in the process of cleaning, so leaks from the device in the form of puddles around the house should not be feared.

The battery life of the device isabout two hours. The robot itself controls the charge level: as necessary, it independently becomes on a special docking station for recharging. The robot is controlled using a mobile application in a smartphone: you can set a work schedule and determine the working area.

The floor polisher was developed by Ningbo.Shuwa Dihao Electric. Probably, while it is focused only on Chinese users; this is evidenced by the fact that it was launched for sale only on Youpin (a Chinese platform for the sale of various goods), there is no information about it in languages ​​other than Chinese.

According to the results of crowdfunding, at a cost of 1299RMB ($ 184), the robot raised 17 times the amount needed to start production. This means that very soon the robot polisher will appear in retail.