Xiaomi compact wireless mouse for $ 5 (3 photos)

Minimalist design, light weight andcompact dimensions characterize the new computer accessory - Mi Wireless Mouse Lite, from Xiaomi. Free from wired restrictions, this fully wireless mouse also quickly goes to sleep, saving battery power. The price of new items is about $ 5.

Simple, comfortable and elegant design of the Mi mouseThe Wireless Mouse Lite features curved, symmetrical buttons with minimal overhang. The use of austere black and dark gray colors matches austere office design.

The base material is selected for the bottom of the mouseTeflon, which has a low coefficient of friction. It has good wear resistance and self-lubricating properties, allowing the mouse to move and position smoothly, accurately and freely.

Stable continuous operation of the Mi Wireless mouseMouse Lite is powered by a compact USB 2.4GHz wireless receiver. There is a special compartment on the mouse for storing the receiver. The touch sensor of the device operates with a resolution of 1000 dpi.

Autonomous work of Mi Wireless Mouse Liteprovided by AAA battery. Supports the technology of automatic transition to sleep mode, which will save battery power. The weight of the mouse, without a battery, is only 60 grams, which will allow you to work with the device for a long time without fatigue in your hand.

Source: gizmochina