Xiaomi and IKEA conceived to launch a table with wireless charging (5 photos)

Specialists of the Chinese company Xiaomi and the SwedishIKEA joined forces to launch a joint product - a table that will allow smartphones placed on its surface to be charged without connecting wires. The power transmission comes to 20 watts.

What is the essence of new items? IKEA company made the table, and the developers Xiaomi wireless charging module for him. Two products are easily assembled into one. It is only necessary to make in the user-friendly place of the table a notch of the desired diameter, where the wireless charging module is fixed. Thus, the buyer himself decides which area of ​​the table will charge the mobile device, designed for this method of replenishing the battery energy.

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The cost of the kit is about $ 32, of which $ 15 is a wireless charging unit and about $ 17 is a table. The cost of the table with the already installed module is not reported.