Xiaomi taught smartphone Mi 10 Ultra to remotely control a car via 5G networks (video)

The car remote control isone of the priority tasks for modern car manufacturers. The leader in this area is Elon Musk's company. Recently, however, the ubiquitous Xiaomi company suddenly appeared among Tesla's competitors, claiming that it "taught" the recently presented flagship smartphone Mi 10 Ultra to drive a car at a distance of several thousand kilometers.

However, the main idea of ​​the new function is not competition with Musk, but a demonstration of the limitless capabilities of the fifth generation networks, providing minimal delays.

Demo video released by the companyXiaomi shows a race on the track between two cars of unknown brand. One is driven by a professional racer, the second is controlled by the flagship smartphone Mi 10 Ultra, remote for thousands of km, via the 5G SA network, the minimum response of which is 1 ms.

In the developer comments, Xiaomi states,that 5G networks are becoming more popular and work more reliably, providing minimal latencies of no more than 1 ms. Such parameters will allow controlling cars or performing surgical operations through 5th generation networks.