Xiaomi releases radio-controlled racing car designer (5 photos)

A gaming platform appeared on the Xiaomi Youpin platforma constructor that allows the owner to independently assemble a working model of a radio-controlled racing car. The constructor was named ONEBOT Race Car Drift Edition, its cost is about 44 dollars and it becomes the next product in the series of collectible constructors of the Xiaomi Youpin platform.

ONEBOT Race Car Kit consists of over 680parts, the connection of which is carried out without the use of glue, according to the principle used in the LEGO class constructors. It is noted that all parts are made of environmentally friendly materials that fully comply with European and American RoHS safety standards.

To help users, manufacturers have createda mobile application that demonstrates the step-by-step 3D assembly or disassembly of the ONEBOT Race Car model. Such a 3D guide will allow you to control the entire assembly process and avoid mistakes.

ONEBOT Race Car is driven byan electric motor with a frequency of 1700 rpm, powered by a 2000 mAh battery. The battery is rechargeable via the USB Type-C connector. Overall dimensions of the racing model: length - 300 mm, height 90 mm and width 155 mm.

Source: gizmochina