Xiaomi launches an induction hob for cooking without dishes (2 photos)

The company of smart things from Xiaomi Mijia doingthe life of consumers is more comfortable, has been replenished with an interesting kitchen accessory - the Xiaomi Mijia Double-Port Cooker induction cooker. In an official press release, the stove is said to be a versatile mobile kitchen that can roast, bake, boil and stew.

Mijia's two-section induction hob has independent temperature control on both sides. Temperature control will allow simultaneous cooking of several dishes.

Double-Port Cooker Induction CookerSupports "standard frying pan mode" and "induction cooker mode", which will allow you to simply fry food, both in a regular household frying pan, and use it as an induction hob for cooking directly on the frying surface.

Mijia plate supports dual dimension andindependent temperature control, with a maximum power of 2200 W and 100-step heating control. The company also unveiled a large 63 cm baking dish to help prepare flavorful baked goods. On the Mijia crowdfunding platform, you can pre-order the Double-Port Cooker for about $ 137, and when sold at retail, the product will increase to $ 152.

Source: igeekphone