Xbox Series S design, price and start date officially revealed (2 photos + video)

Community commitment to getting detailedinformation about the technical parameters, prices and time to market of the younger model of the next generation of Microsoft game consoles did not go unnoticed in the company. In response to numerous and not always reliable renders and insights, Microsoft developers have provided a short official clarification regarding the launch date, price and appearance of the Xbox Series S console (Lockhart).

First, another message appeared on the network fromjournalist Brad Sams, in which an insider showed the appearance of the budget Xbox Series S console and named its estimated price of $ 299. Microsoft reacted instantly by posting on its official Twitter page, first a comic post with the Monkey Puppet monkey meme. Then the company released an official video presentation of the "smallest Xbox" with next-generation performance.

As a result, first insider leaks, and thenand official messages from the developers, almost all the technical data on the mysterious small console Xbox Series S were revealed, and the time of the official presentation of both models was announced. The Xbox Series X and its lightweight Series S game consoles will be officially launched on November 10, 2020.

It has also now become known that Xbox Series Swill receive a compact white case, which will be, according to rough estimates, 60 percent less than the original Xbox Series X. There is no drive in the console, but there is a 512 GB NVMe drive. The console will be able to play video in a resolution of 1440p at 120 fps. With the help of the Xbox Series S, it will be possible to play videos in 4K, as well as transform content up to 4K (upscaling technology). Ray tracing and Variable rate shading are also supported. The price of $ 299 for the US and 299 euros for Europeans has also received official confirmation.

From the official Microsoft video you can makethe conclusion that the white Xbox Series S case can be installed both vertically and horizontally. At the same time, in the upper part (in horizontal orientation) of the device there is a large barred round hole for ventilation.

According to insiders, in addition to direct salesXbox Series S consoles for $ 299, Microsoft offers an Xbox All Access subscription for $ 25 a month (also includes Xbox Live and Game Pass). At the same time, the basic senior console Xbox Series X at a cost of $ 499 will be distributed by subscription at a price of $ 35.

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Currently available XboxThe Series S gets 7.5 GB of RAM and the processor is identical to that installed in the base Series X. The video chip will get a performance of 4 teraflops, while in the Series X this figure is 12 teraflops, and in the One X - 6 teraflops. At the same time, there is support for ray tracing, and the performance is significantly higher than in the current One X consoles, thanks to a new processor and fast SSD memory.

Reducing the power of the video card can lead toproblems with 4K video playback for today's most demanding games. However, the low cost will allow users who value the gameplay and do not pay attention to possible problems with 4K to purchase the console. Considering the activation of the official Microsoft resource, it can also be assumed that the announcement of the future small console Xbox Series S, which is constantly postponed in time, will take place in the coming days.

Source: theverge