WT-2 - headset that translates foreign speech in real time (4 photos)

For many travelers traveling to othercountry, one of the main problems is the language barrier. Startup Timekettle from the California city of Pasadena offered to solve it using a Bluetooth-headset WT-2 with the option of an electronic translator.

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True, this gadget is only half the system. For its correct functioning, an application for a smartphone, a 300 mAh battery, charging and two headphones are also needed. A fully charged battery runs for two hours. Activation of communication between the smartphone and headphones occurs when the case is opened. Immediately after that, you can start talking. To understand each other, the interlocutors put on the earpiece, and through the headset their speech is transmitted to the smartphone. A special application already translates the words of users. To process and translate a phrase, it takes no more than 3 seconds. The system does not work too fast, but reliably enough.

WT-2 has 3 operation modes: standard automatic, for noisy places and Ask - with quick questions and answers. The main advantage of the system is the possibility of conducting a dialogue in various languages ​​directly, without translators and auxiliary explanatory gestures, with which you need to be on the alert, since in different countries the same sign can have quite the opposite and sometimes negative purpose.

Languages ​​for communication can be selected in the application. Now in the arsenal of the device there are Japanese, Chinese, French, English and German. Soon, several more will be added to them, including Portuguese, Arabic and Thai. The system will be sold in January next year.