Worthy replacement for Toyota Land Cruiser? Sales of SUV TANK 500 started in Russia

TANK dealerships in Russia have begun selling the TANK 500 off-road vehicle. The model has large dimensions (4.8

meters long, 1.9 meters wide and high,ground clearance 224 mm), a powerful 3-liter six-cylinder V6 gasoline engine with 299 hp. and a 9-speed automatic transmission (all-wheel drive is connected automatically). The digital center of the car is a multimedia display with a diagonal of 14.6 inches, rear passengers can control the car's functions using a touch remote control. In addition to the features that ensure driving comfort and convenience, in the maximum configuration, the TANK 500 will offer additional active safety systems, power steering column adjustments, power footrests, front differential lock, improved soundproofing and air conditioning systems, headlights with automatic leveling (ALS), as well as panoramic roof and premium sound system.

SUV TANK 500 is already available for purchase intwo trim levels: Adventure and Premium. The price of the base model in the Adventure version will be 5,099,000 rubles, the Premium version will cost 5,699,000 rubles. The presented colors of the car are “Snowy Iremel”, “Black Bogdo”, “Silver Sikhote” and “Ruskeala Gold”.