World's first water-cooled PlayStation 5 console created (2 photos + video)

The most accomplished high-tech devicescan be modified by today's YouTube enthusiasts who continually strive to prove their originality and grab the attention of viewers. Vietnamese authors from Modding Cafe have tried to improve the heat dissipation system in the PlayStation 5 console, which, according to user reviews, has already proven to be one of the most successful systems in Sony consoles: quiet and highly efficient.

Complete redesign of the PS5 console demonstratedand commented on one of the authors of the channel under the nickname Nhenhophach. In addition to redesigning the cooling system itself, YouTube inventors had to replace the original case, making it somewhat thicker with a more open architecture.

Water cooling unit installed on PS5 boardfrom the processor side. The bloggers replaced the liquid metal used in the original console with thermal paste. The coolant pump is installed in a cutout that originally houses a thickened fan that draws warm air from both sides of the motherboard.

The second side of the board that houses the SSDthe drive and video memory are cooled with an aluminum heatsink and two coolers. In an effort to improve the efficiency of the cooling system, enthusiasts somewhat forgot about the dimensions of the limited internal space of the console, and therefore the power supply had to be taken out.

In general, enthusiasts from the Modding Cafe channel were able toto create the world's first water-cooled PlayStation 5 console and received almost 100 thousand views of the video with 3.7 thousand subscribers. When testing a fully functional newly assembled console, it was also shown that the coolant temperature reaches only 40 degrees Celsius, and the plate on the side of the SSD drive is up to 50 degrees.

Inventors understand that such a costly andThe volumetric cooling system is only suitable for single products and will never pay off in series production. Therefore, the channel's authors plan to use the accumulated experience not only for individual alteration of game consoles, but also for the implementation of effective cooling systems in PC cases.

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