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Women live longer than men, but is this relevant among animals?

According to statistics, women are about 6-8years live longer than men. It is believed that this is due to the fact that throughout life men are more exposed to physical activity and often acquire bad habits. But who would have thought that the same rule applies in the animal world? After examining data on a population of hundreds of mammalian species, scientists found that males die much earlier than females. But what is the cause of high mortality among male animals? Indeed, unlike people, they practically do not carry heavy loads, do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes. During observations of the lifestyle of some animals, scientists suggested that the mortality of males is due to their behavior in nature and the lack of support.

Women live longer than men - this rule applies even in the animal world

The oldest woman in the world

First, let's talk about people. According to statistics, the average life expectancy of women in Russia is 78.5 years, while men live approximately 68.5 years. There are also statistics that women, rather than men, most often reach 100 years of age. The record for life expectancy at the moment belongs Jeanne Kalmanwho was born back in 1875, and diedin 1997, at the age of 122 years. It is noteworthy that this woman led far from the healthiest lifestyle and quit smoking only at the age of 117, but at the same time she played tennis, fenced and rode a bicycle.

Zhanna Kalman in youth and old age

Scientists to this day can not explain the reasonFrench longevity. Many agree that she managed to live such a long life thanks to a positive outlook on the world. People familiar with her mentioned that she often said the phrase:

If you can't do anything with something, don't worry about it.

The oldest man in the world lived in Japan - his name was Jiroemon Kimura. He was born in 1897 and died in 2013, at the age of 116. The old man explained his longevity by the fact that he led an active lifestyle and never ate too much food, no matter how delicious it was.

Jiroemon Kimura - the only man in history who lived to 116

The fact that women live longer than men is affectedseveral factors at once. In 2015, my colleague Ilya Hel tried to figure this out. In his material, he mentioned such causes of high mortality among men as:

  • too hard work with high physical stress on the body and frequent injuries;
  • an unhealthy lifestyle with addiction to cigarettes, frequent drinking and overeating;
  • high levels of testosterone, which makes men take more risks.

    Lyubov Sokovikova recently wrote about another reason for the longevity of women. I recommend reading her material.

    Longevity of animals

    In the study of animals, it turned out that the differencein life expectancy between males and females it is expressed even more than in humans. According to biologist Tamas Szekely, among 60% of mammalian animals, females live longer than males by about 18.6%. At the same time, scientists note that the longevity of females is not associated with their slow aging. A large role in life expectancy is played by lifestyle - males risk their health more than females.

    Sea elephants Mirounga leonina often arrange bloody fights

    As an example, scientists cited elephant seals.species Mirounga leonina. While the females of these animals lead a rather quiet lifestyle, the males arrange bloody fights between themselves. Of course, in the course of such fights, many of them receive injuries that significantly reduce their life expectancy. In addition, in some cases, males die in battle at a very young age.

    Testosterone is to blame for the short lives of predators - they often make risky decisions

    Besides the fact that male animals are oftenparticipate in dangerous fights, they often do not receive such support and care as females. For example, male lions sometimes live alone or, at best, with one of their brothers. At the same time, female lions try to stick together and almost never go hunting alone. Which of these groups is more likely to have a long life? Of course, in close-knit females.

    Males of bighorn sheep require more energy than females

    In addition to all of the above, malesSome species of animals require much more energy for life than females. For example, males of thick-billed rams of the Ovis canadensis species can weigh 230 kilograms, while females weigh 91 kilograms on average. During severe winters, males often lack food, which is why they often weaken and ultimately live much less than they could. And female individuals, due to their lower weight, require less food and energy to live.

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    Scientists are going to further identify the causeslong life of females and high mortality of males. In the meantime, they are doing this, I recommend that you read about fish species of blue-headed thalas, females of which are able to quickly change their gender to male. Why and how do they do it? Look for answers in this material.