Woman with lethal organs lived up to 99 years

Researchers at the University of Oregonrecorded a very unusual case, the probability of which is equal to one in 50 million. The woman who donated her body to science was found to have an anomaly called organ transposition when they are mirrored. As a rule, such an anomaly does not prevent people from living a long life, but this woman has a heart like everyone else’s - on the left. It would seem that improperly oriented blood vessels would quickly have destroyed her, but the woman lived to as much as 99 years.

Usually the names of people who donated their, are not disclosed. However, after the discovery of a sensational location of internal organs, the scientists contacted her relatives and they were allowed to tell her name - Rose Marie Bentley. They shared that the woman lived a long and relatively healthy life, and suffered only from arthritis. Throughout her life, three organs were removed, and only one doctor noticed that her appendix was not located where she should be.

The woman herself, it seems, did not noticeany oddities. An autopsy revealed that everything inside her was not so simple — for example, the upper part of her stomach protruded beyond the diaphragm. Even without noticing the consequences of the improper arrangement of organs, the woman lived until October 2017.

The mirror arrangement of the organs with the leftthe heart is extremely rare - about once every 22,000 births. As a rule, in such cases, children have problems with the heart and spine, and only about 13% manage to live longer than 5 years. In the history only two cases were recorded in which people with a similar anomaly could live to old age - the case of Rose Marie Bentley was the third.

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