With new technology, every object in the house will be smart (2 photos)

There are 14.2 billion smart gadgets in the world. At the same time, non-electronic things, such as dishes, are not yet connected to the Internet of things. To fix the flaw decided to engineers at the University of Michigan. They created IDAct technology that responds to the movement of objects and human presence.

The system is based on cheap RFID sensors,attached with a sticker to any object. Such tags are already actively used to track the delivery of various items or to protect against shoplifters. Each reflects its own electromagnetic signal, so the reader responds to the presence or absence of an object.

IDAct analyzes signals in more detail. Sensors even detect insignificant signal oscillations, indicating the movement of the object or touching it. There is a sensitivity to changes in the electromagnetic radiation of a room when a person enters it. The signals were analyzed by a machine learning algorithm on a computer while the team was experimenting with a laptop. Over time, they want to integrate the necessary equipment directly into the RFID reader.

The technology has already been tested in the apartmentvolunteer. RFID readers were located in the room and fixed tags on different household items. The system scanned empty rooms for 2 hours and then collected data for 28 hours. As tests have shown, the accuracy of the assessment of what is happening is 19 out of 20.

According to experts, the functionality will be especiallyuseful for the elderly. With its help, it will be possible, for example, to control the consumption of water, pills and food, keep order and so on. Thus, older people will be able to do longer without social workers in their lives.