With 5G from OPPO and the Australian container can be a comfortable hotel (4 photos + video)

Exhibition sample for several monthswill visit different cities where 5G networks are deployed. The container was chosen only as a demonstration stand. Not only “smart” devices and high-speed Internet connection will be responsible for comfort in it.

In a single room of a futuristic hotelThere are a lot of new technologies: smart home features, augmented reality applications, unbuffered media streaming, and gaming cloud services using 5G.

The center of "smart" home Google Hub hookedsmartphone Reno 5G. Residents will be able to control the lighting with voice commands, play your favorite songs on YouTube Music and ask Google questions.

Smartphone Reno 5G can be turned into a gamecomputer. From the apparatus, guests will have access to the gaming library. You can play at any point. To watch the news, you just need to connect the device to the "smart" mirror. In the same way, you can read the newspaper, adjust the lighting and find out the current stock quotes.

The 5G network will allow guests to watch Netflix series without suffering from buffering. Available and download the entire season, while cooking dinner, for later viewing on the big screen.

Provided and software augmented reality. With it, the guests will forget that they were in the container. So, AR Wardrobe will allow you to arrange a fitting on a virtual podium.

The adventures of the container start from the center of artsHome of the Arts, located in Gold Coast. Here, booking nights at 5G Hotel will be available all of August at a price of 150 Australian dollars. Guests can attend a variety of arts center activities. All income received from this will be sent to local charities.