Wireless headphones Sportfy smartphone is not needed (7 photos + video)

The world is already selling quite a few interesting andcurious models of wireless headphones, but regardless of their features and advantages, they are all dependent on the smartphone. Sportfy is an exception to this range; Bluetooth connectivity is not necessary for them to work.

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4 GB of memory is built into the Sportfy, allowingDownload your favorite tunes and listen to them even offline. It is enough to connect the case with headphones to the computer and copy the appropriate tracks to them. This innovation will surely be appreciated by tourists and users traveling in places with no Internet access.

But the presence of internal memory does not interfereheadphones function and paired with a smartphone. They can be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth 5.0, for example, to communicate in headset mode or listen to music from the Web. In the case of voice communication, sound is output to both headphones. There is a noise reduction option. You can control the playback with two buttons located on the outer surface of the gadget. They allow you to adjust the volume and switch songs.

According to the developers, the novelty canwork 50 hours with a case and 5 hours without him. For 10 minutes, you can charge it for listening to music for an hour. Sportfy was protected from dust and moisture by IP67 standard. So this is an ideal model for swimmers. Traditional TWS headphones, protected from water, are not applicable when swimming: the Bluetooth signal will not penetrate through the thick liquid. For Sportfy this is uncritical: you can turn on the melodies from the built-in memory.

The novelty is already available for order on Indiegogo for $ 69.