Wingo Pro - a wing for photography instead of a selfie stick (6 photos)

Since the enthusiasm of selfies has burst into our life, the developers of accessories for gadgets have increased their work, and their fantasies are sometimes embodied in very original and even funny inventions.

Imagine a boomerang on a rope, onwhich can be fixed action camera. By rotating this wing-like image around you, you can take a panoramic selfie with an overview of 160 ° or 360 °. This is Wingo Pro.

If you strive to give your photosThe philosophy of the game with time, then this invention is for you. With it, you can shoot a frame in the style of Neo, who dodges bullets. And having performed the rotation of this boomerang with a camera, we get a short video in which the action according to your desire may freeze or slow down very much, as shown by the participants in the photo session. Another interesting find can be called the so-called effect of "freezing" of time.

And just by rotating the boomerang around you, you can take a selfie at 360 ° degrees.

Of course, with such an algorithm for executing the process of photography, your hand will definitely be raised.

Universal mount allows you to combine boomerang with almost any action camera. The product is made of polycarbonate, very compact and easily folds into bundles.

The cost of new items on Kickstarter is 45 dollars. When entering the market Wingo Pro will cost $ 75.

Source: kickstarter