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Wine is good for the heart, and blueberries protect against dementia. Why can't this be trusted?

You have probably already read that red wineprotects against cardiovascular diseases and prevents dental diseases. Also on the Internet you can find information about the healing properties of blueberries - it is believed that the substances contained in it prevent the development of dementia. All this is the pure truth, which was found out as a result of scientific research. However, recently a group of nutritionists announced that some people take such claims too seriously. For example, after learning about the benefits of blueberries, many people begin to eat it too often. Scientists are sure that it is not worth changing your diet so drastically and leaning on products advertised on the Internet. There is a very logical explanation for this.

You should be very careful about your diet, otherwise problems may arise.

The importance of biologically active substances

According to nutritionists, in the course of scientific researchthey do find beneficial compounds in certain foods. In most cases, we are talking about vitamins and minerals - they are very important for maintaining good human health. However, the products also contain biologically active substances. In small amounts, they can interact with different organs and provide benefits. The human body may well do without them, but they definitely are not superfluous.

The human body needs not only vitamins and minerals, but also biologically active substances.

The biologically active substances arefatty acids, fiber or flavonoids - the latter are found in large quantities in green tea and apples. It is believed that flavonoids stop oxidative processes, reduce vascular fragility and improve metabolic processes. Based on this, information appears on the Internet that green tea and apples have a good effect on the functioning of the heart and protect against dangerous diseases. Consequently, some people begin to lean on these products, which, according to nutritionists, should not be done.

Green tea and apples are useful, but you should not abuse them

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Why in food you need to know the measure?

Yes, flavonoids can work wellinternal organs. However, in addition to them, green tea and apples contain other substances. And their action does not always have a beneficial effect on human health - they can increase cholesterol levels, affect blood pressure in different ways, and so on. In addition, if you eat the same foods too often, different diseases can develop. There are studies proving that a high concentration of flavonoids can lead to liver damage.

Flavonoids can lead to liver damage

All this is true for other products as well.For example, many people try to drink red wine more often because some of the substances it contains are good for heart health. But at the same time, they do not take into account that alcohol and other substances can affect health negatively. Given that each person has individual characteristics of the organism, it is not clear what wine will bring more - benefit or harm.

Excessive consumption of wine, like other alcohol, is definitely harmful to health.


What should you eat to be healthy?

According to nutritionists, in order to be healthy, peopleyou need to eat as varied as possible. Instead of paying attention to headlines like "Carrots help keep eyesight", it is better to read the results of a study comparing the health status of people with different diets. In the course of some of them, it was proved that adherents of the Mediterranean diet live longer than others. And it is just very diverse - it includes some red meat, a lot of seafood, olive oil, cheese, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and so on. This is excellent evidence that a varied diet is good for health.

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest

From all this, it can be concluded thatConfident in the benefits of their diet, vegetarians also harm their body. The fact is that plant foods can not always provide the body with all the necessary substances, and there is scientific evidence for this. Recently, my colleague Andrey Zhukov told me that a vegetarian diet increases the risk of bone fractures, impairs brain function, increases the likelihood of a stroke, and leads to vitamin deficiencies. Don't believe? Read.

Maybe vegetarianism is not so right


Once again we are convinced that you need to eatas varied as possible. But in the future, food on Earth may become much less than it is now. There are many reasons for this - an example is the ill-fated global warming. What are we going to eat? Scientists say it's time to switch to insects.