Windows on ARM devices will get x86-64 emulation

Insider sources report that Microsoftplans to provide support for x86-64 emulation for gadgets based on the Windows on ARM (WoA) platform. Devices running Windows 10 will receive this feature in the first half of 2021, for users included in the Windows Insiders program, the feature will become available next year.

Using the new feature will allowalmost all applications designed for the Windows operating system, developed for the x64 architecture, run on ARM ISA and on all Windows on ARM platforms. Prior to introducing this feature, only 32-bit x86 applications could be emulated. This feature will allow you to run 64-bit programs that were previously not possible on Windows on ARM devices.

The introduction of the new feature will provide a faster development of the WoA ecosystem, covering all existing laptop models, including the recently released Microsoft Surface Pro X laptop.

Source: techpowerup