Windows 10 will relieve users from annoying features (2 photos)

OS updates are released to enhance them.stability and security, as well as to provide access to new functionality. However, this is not always achieved. So, users of Windows 10 are faced with serious inconvenience when, after updating the OS, they lose their data.

Perhaps because of this, developers have revisedyour update policy. It will change significantly in the next update. Now the user can decide when to install this or that patch. Experts already like this approach, it remains only to fully implement it.

Moreover, if obtaining new opportunitiesundesirable, a person can completely abandon them. In this case, there will be only patches that increase the degree of security of the operating system. It will be possible to refuse in general from all updates for up to 35 days. It is very convenient that from now on notifications that it is necessary to install updates will not distract the user in the process of working at the computer.