Windows 10 taught to take phone calls to a computer

Software developersare moving along the path of integrating devices running on different operating systems, in particular, the task of combining devices on Android and Windows is being actively addressed.

Microsoft representatives announced integration intoThe following builds of Windows 10 are functions for receiving phone calls through a personal computer using Your Phone application. Currently, the system is being tested, but in the near future will become available to a wide range of users.

Your Phone needs a smartphone to workwas equipped with an OS with Android 7 Nougat and higher, the computer had a Bluetooth module and Windows 10 18362.356. The integration of Android and Windows began in the summer, when personal computers were able to receive text messages.

Microsoft developers said that userscomputers will be able to make a phone call from a computer using the phone book of a smartphone, reject an incoming call or transfer it to voicemail, get acquainted with the call history and call back the detected numbers. You can also simply switch calls between the computer and the smartphone.

Source: windows