WINDOWS 10 can be installed on iPhone X, but loading takes 20 minutes (video)

Craftsmen have repeatedly made successful attemptslaunch Windows 10 on devices running Android. New experiments made it possible to evaluate the possibility of launching the popular operating system on Apple's smartphones. IPhone users can now run Windows 10 on their iPhone X without the need for special jailbreaks or other tricks.

This feature has been demonstrated on YouTube.Hacking Jules channel, where the author showed the launch of Windows 10 (build 1607) on the iPhone X. As a tool, an enthusiast used a UTM virtual machine that is publicly available on GitHub. The process of loading the Windows 10 image and further starting the system takes up to 20 minutes. Then, the user of the iPhone X has the opportunity to work with Windows applications. The Word startup process also requires some patience and takes longer.

The process of connecting Windows 10 to iPhone is possibledescribe by the following algorithm. First, AltStore is loaded, which is added to, the next step is the installation of the UTM virtual machine, and then download and run the Windows 10 ISO image.
Performance and safety rest entirely on the shoulders of an iPhone user who ventured into the experiment.

Source: gizchina