Will Xiaomi's flagship smartphone 13 Ultra enter the global market?

Xiaomi recently launched the Xiaomi 12S series of smartphones in China. The flagship of the series is a model with an emphasis on

performance and cameras - Xiaomi 12S Ultra.Many fans of the brand around the world would like to purchase this smartphone, but, unfortunately, it was released exclusively for the Chinese market. However, users have hopes of getting the company's Ultra flagship: Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed on Twitter that "the next version of the smartphone in the Ultra version will be available in the global market." It is expected that the model will be released under the name Xiaomi 13 Ultra. It is not yet clear whether this will be a unique device or an analogue of Xiaomi 12S Ultra with minor changes. To find out all the details, it remains to wait for the official announcement of the Xiaomi 13 series of smartphones – it will take place at the end of the fourth quarter of 2022.